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Anne Hardy and Aura Satz

Episode Summary

Artists Anne Hardy and Aura Satz discuss the role of sound, noise and silence in shaping our environment, for example during lockdown, and how they work with it in their art practices.

Episode Notes

Sound is a portal. It can shape how we perceive our environment, call our attention or create cognitive dissonance. Artists Anne Hardy and Aura Satz are particularly attuned to the workings of sound or noise, working with it as a material. 

Aura Satz is interested in sonic notation and electronic soundscapes from feminist and historical perspectives. Anne Hardy is particularly interested in the relationship between space and sound, and how sound creates spaces in the same way that light creates form. 

Both artists participated in DRAF’s Resonant Frequencies Programme, which was an investigation into sound and hearing in all its forms through peer-to-peer workshop sessions.


This episode also contains extracts of sound pieces:

Anne Hardy,The Depth of Darkness, the Return of the Light (2019) (from 18:33), originally made for the Winter Commission at Tate Britain.

Aura Satz, Dail Tone Drone (2014) which uses the electronic dial tone of telephones as a starting point for a discussion with electronic music pioneers Pauline Oliveros and Laurie Spiegel about drones and their use in music (from 36:55).


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